So, About NowThis Nerd…

It finally happened. We’ve been waiting for it. NowThis has taken over the SourceFedNerd (SFN) YouTube channel. The reaction, so far, has been vastly negative. That was bound to happen too. You can’t just shitcan a group of people who worked their butts off to grow the channel; and who the fans grew to love, and not expect major blowback when you take over. The SFN hosts were like friends to many of us. To see our friends lose their jobs, then five weeks later get replaced… That was never going to go down well. We nerds, when we love something, when we are passionate about something, when we feel invested in something, we take ownership of it. That’s something I think the new people didn’t realize. They took our SourceFedNerd and they want to give us a cheap knockoff instead.

So, SourceFedNerd is now NowThis Nerd. Maybe they’ll do a good job, although by the looks of their first two videos, the production quality is going to take a huge hit.

As of right now, I have unsubscribed from NowThis Nerd and their subscriber count is 1,003,400. That’s down like 21,000 since the announcement video. So, what am I going to do from here? I’m not going to tune in to any of their content, not even to drop a dislike. YouTube is kind of funny. Any interaction, even negative, benefits the channel. So I’m not going to do anything to potentially help them. And I would ask that if you feel as I do, and you want to show NowThis Nerd how you feel, to do the same. Don’t attack them in their comments. No name calling. Don’t be mean. The way to really make a difference is with silence. Silence on YouTube is deafening.

I guess that’s all there is to say. It’s sad that the powers that be didn’t feel like they could make their own channel and start from scratch, like the rest of us. Like SFN. And it’s sad that by viewing old SFN videos we’d be helping NowThis Nerd.  So now, this is it, SourceFedNerd is really really over. I’m going to miss it.


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